Water Productivity Improvement in Practice

Events and Webinars

Join us in learning more about water productivity and staying up-to-date on the latest project developments.


Water Productivity Webinar Series 2021

The WaterPIP Project hosted a series of webinars in October 2021 to share updates on our work in water productivity. We shared the latest work on the policy framework, heard updates on our WaterPIP Hackathon teams, and discussed new WaPOR applications for monitoring, prediction and solutions in agriculture.

Go to the event homepage to watch the recordings of the webinars and download the presentations.


Cairo Water Week 2021

The WaterPIP Project hosted a session at Cairo Water Week 2021 on Water Productivity Improvement in Practice: from remote sensing data at multiple geographical scales. The session explored a range of water productivity indicators based on remote sensing data for possible improvement at various geographical scales. At the country level, gross biomass water productivity indicators were compared to actual and reference evapotranspiration, sourced from remote sensing water data for a 10 year period (2009-2019) for 20 countries of the League of Arab States from the FAO WaPOR portal. The recording of the session will be made avaialble soon.


World Water Week 2021

The WaterPIP Project presented a session at World Water Week 2021 on the topic "Real time water data from satellites to achieve faster resilience". This session focused on methodologies which use near real-time remote sensing data to support building resilience in the agricultural sector, with the goal of showing that improvements in water productivity translate into increased agricultural production with reduced water consumption. Conclusions and resources can be found on the World Water Week website, and you can watch the recording of the session on FAO's YouTube channel.


WaterPIP Hackathon: From database to application

In November and December 2020, the WaterPIP Hackathon was launched, bringing together over 250 scientists, engineers, programmers, communications specialists, and local experts to create real-world applications using WaPOR remote sensing data (wapor.apps.fao.org).

Go to the event homepage to see more information or go to the WaterPIP YouTube playlist to view all the videos from the event.


Water Productivity Masterclass Series

In June and July of 2020, the WaterPIP project put on a series of Masterclasses on different aspects of water productivity, methods on how to monitor each one, and different open source tools that can be used by practitioners.

Go to the event homepage to see more information or go to the WaterPIP YouTube playlist to view all the videos from the series.