Water Productivity Improvement in Practice

Hydro-agricultural Service Centre

The Hydro-agriculture Service Centre (HSC) Sudan was established in July 2021 as a non-profit facilitation center with technical and financial support from IHE Delft, eLEAF and MetaMeta, under the project Water Productivity Improvement in Practice project (WaterPIP). The aim of the center is to provide water, agriculture, and environment sectors with appropriateand viableinformation services which is derived from WaPOR and other open-source datasets.

Who are we:

A group of professional researchers working at The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). The team has wide experience, skills and knowledge in using remotely sensed data for water and crop monitoring such as; real-time management of crops, flood mapping and early warning, crop mapping and training and capacity building of the farmers and local staff on the ground.

As a WaterPIP Service Centre we are currently undertaking the following activities:

  • Identifying high and low productivity areas in the Gezira irrigation scheme
  • Identifying agricultural violations
  • Validating crop damages (for insurance companies)

In the near future we want to extend our services to

  • More users (eg sugar cane companies; Islamic Zakat offices; Irrigation administrations and farmers);
  • Develop more applications and services;
  • Implementing training courses on the use of WaPOR portal;
  • Streamline the use of WaPOR remote sensing in agricultural management

Learn more about what we do (click on the image to see the ppt):