Water Productivity Improvement in Practice

Association of Irrigation Acceleration Platform (AIAP)

The Association of Irrigation Acceleration Platform (AIAP), is a national non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act in Kenya. AIAP provides a “Platform” focused on irrigation (defined to include drainage) for knowledge sharing, interaction, actions and building of synergies to support and upscale irrigation best practices for profitability and sector growth in Kenya.

Since 2021, AIAP has been associated with the WaterPIP project as one of the WaterPIP service centres. As service centre, AIAP will focus on the agriculture-water-environment nexus in a bid to downscale improved water productivity thinking and implementation in Kenya. From the foregoing, the AIAP team will work closely with the WaterPIP project team to deliver knowledge products and services designed to improve water productivity of agricultural enterprises in Kenya. These services include among others: Facilitating the knowledge transfer to users, sharing data, information and content which may be in the form of documents, reports, maps, graphs, photos, videos, web-based interfaces or platforms, mobile phone apps, video and interactive content as will be necessary. To assure targeted and user-friendly information, the AIAP team will contribute to the customization of WaPOR tools (scripts, protocols, content) developed by the WaterPIP project team to local contexts. These tools will be used to support the content and format of information services offered through AIAP.

Details of the services offered by AIAP:

  • Data handling and geoprocessing
  • Identifying users and user needs
  • Means to provide the services
  • Development of service centre tools and promotion materials and portfolio
  • Capacity building aof ther service centre and sraff
  • Organising promotion events of the service centre and WaPOR 
  • Development of business plan

For more information, read this 2-pager or the final report on 'WaPOR products developed by AIAP and stakeholder engagement'

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