Water Productivity Improvement in Practice

Welcome to WaterPIP

WaterPIP is starting a new phase to develop a knowledge and action network, focussing on regional partnerships. In June 2023, the inception meeting will take place at JKUAT in Nairobi Kenya. More information about the new phase will come soon. In the mean time, check out the outcomes of the first two phases of the project here.

More information can be found under the sections on WaterPIP Tools and WaterPIP Publications, with the WaterPIP Briefs section providing short descriptions of the various outputs. Also learn more in our MOOC on Water Productivity In Practice.

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WaterPIP Knowledge and Action Network

The new phase of the project envisions a future where smallholder marginalised group of farmers can increase their income from agriculture through informed decisions. The informed decisions will be enabled by empowering the farmer with making data and information available through the establishment of digital observatories combining field level and remote sensing techniques to monitor crop land and water use. These observatories will be supported by a knowledge and action learning network

Water Productivity Improvement in Practice (first two phases)

A truly multi-disciplinary approach. To understand how best to improve water productivity, we need to understand how it translates to on-the-ground change. Through 5 work packages, the first two phases of the WaterPIP Project aimed to achieve increased efficiencies in agricultural water use through scientific research, technological developments, policy dialogues, global partnerships, and knowledge exchange.

Tools and Publications

Open-access resources for water productivity

Moving forward, together. Through the WaterPIP work packages, a variety of online tools, academic publications, and practical insights are being developed and will be shared with the water science and management community through open-access platforms.


Events and Webinars

Learn more about water productivity

Knowledge is power. Join the WaterPIP project for different events to learn more about water productivity and join the group of engaged colleagues who are innovating the field of water productivity. New to water productivity or need a refresher? Take a look at our MOOC, videos and webinars to learn more about the topic and how it can lead to impactful water management decisions.